Provided nutritional support during COVID-19

SCC-CBE School provided nutritional support such as 15 kg. of rice and 10 canned fish to the 56 poorest of the poor SCC-CBE children’s families in Boengkak Slum Area, Phnom Penh city.​ This charitable donation donated by the partner organization PROtectKIDS Kambodscha, always generously donate rice and other eatable food to reduce the burden of the poorest of the poor people who are in need of food during COVID-19 pandemic in the target areas of SCC-CBE School.

Not only that, PROtectKIDS Kambodscha organization has been providing relief aid to assist the poorest people and SCC-CBE children’s families and families who are very difficult to earn income for their living during COVID-19 pandemic. These restrictions have a strongly significant impact on earning income of them for living. Some families were very poor; they must force their young children to go on the street to begging or some families send their children to beg. Currently, there were no any tourists visiting Cambodia; they have to rely on the generosity and kindness of the local people to support each other. As the Khmer saying “the rich help the poor”.

Their struggle to live during the hard situation, many poor and hungry people in Cambodia calling for help, because of our budget limited we are able to only help the SCC-CBE target group for the other it is impossible to help generally. Noticeably the efforts to do these activities always encounter some problems, some people were happy to cooperate with our organization, but some also conflicted because they did not get those benefits. However, we are confident that the good deeds we have done will be seen by others and help spread the truth that together we can do it.


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