Battambang Province

I- Introduction

Battambang province in the far northwest of the country. Bordering provinces are Banteay Meanchey to the north, Pursat to the east and south, Siemreap to the northeast, and Pailin to the west. The northern and southern extremes of the province's western boundaries form part of the international border with Thailand. In addition, Tonle Sap River forms part of the northeastern boundary between Siemreap and Pursat, and Phnom Penh Capital to the North for the distance 280 km through national Road 5.

Having reached a population of 987,400 it ranks as general population census of the Kingdom of Cambodia in 2019. It is the fifth most populous province in Cambodia. Battambang is the fifth largest province of Cambodia, it is one of the provinces included the Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve (River) The province's fertile rice fields have led to a mostly agricultural economy giving rise to the moniker "the rice bowl of Cambodia". The province features a range of cultures as well as natural resources.

II- Project implementation

A- Project to be implemented for 3 years from 2019 to 2021 (I-Help Project)

B- The main projects to be implemented are as follows:

Objective 1:  Health Care

Treatment and prevention services for people living with HIV (PLHIV) and for those at increased risk of contracting HIV are increasingly being used.

Objective 2:  Food and Income Security

The food and income situation of marginalized families with HIV-positive members is improved.

Objective 3:  Education                                                                

Children living with HIV and children from families with HIV-positive members enjoy equal educational opportunities as children from families without HIV infection.

III- Target group

  1. People living with HIV/AIDS, people with unstable and high needs.
  2. Orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV.
  3. Families of people living with HIV and AIDS.
  4. The general population who are risk in the community and other vulnerable groups.

IV- Place of Action

The activities of SCC doing in Battambang province collaborated with 02 Operational Health Districts (OD) and cover 03 districts include 1) Battambang District 2) Sangkae District 3) Aek Phnum District. Among of these three districts we are focus 02 main locations for the following:

Location 1: Collaboration with 06 health centers cover 44 villages, under the health office of Sangkae Operational District (OD). For those health centers include:

  1. Preaek Norint Health Center cover 10 villages.
  2. Peam Aek Health Center cover 5 villages.
  3. Preaek Luong Health Center cover 7 villages in Preaek Luong commune and 3 villages in Preaek Khpob commune.
  4. Samraong Knong Health Center cover Samraong commune in 5 villages and Preaek Khpob commune in 3 villages.
  5. Ou Dambang Muoy Health Center cover 6 villages.
  6. Vaot Ta Muem Health Center cover 6 villages.

Location 2: Collaboration with 03 health centers cover 15 villages under Battambang Operational District (OD) Health Office. The main activities focus on motivating and encouraging high-risk target groups in case of suspicion to promote them for a blood test for HIV with the support funds for travel and other interventions depending on the situation. For those health centers include:

  1. Tuol Ta Aek Health Center cover 5 villages.
  2. Vaot Kor Health Center cover 6 villages.
  3. Rattanak Health Center cover 4 villages in Norea commune

V- Activities that are implemented

1. To preventative education, and basic health care to supports those who living with HIV/AIDS through our staff and volunteer in the target areas of community work as:

- Visit the patient’s home and encourage them to get a service as well as Medicare for new and old patients who get serious health, lifestyle and family problems.

- To find and encourage the patients who missed appointment or those who cancel a compromise to get regular service.

- To inspire and motivate the effected groups to volunteer for blood tests by educating to the target communities or individuals.

- Send the effected family for blood test at health center by support travel expenses from the community to the health centre or go with them to help facilitating.

- Send the test taker to confirm blood at VCCT by intervening of CRS staff or VCCT staff.

- To follow up, encourage and motivate the patients to receive health services regularly.

2. Food and income security of the patient effected follow by:

- To provide the nutrition package, repair or build temporary shelter for special cases.

- Share the condolences and offers the package fund to the patient or the family member life's issues.

- Strengthening the family’s cultivation to solve daily needed as well as family's planning.

3. Strengthening education of children in the effected families, and the patients by:

- To facilitative children’s enrollment and whose drop-outs of school.

- Stimulation and encourage parents to give an opportunities to study regularly at school.

- Intervention of various services for children go to school and be safe.