– The main objective of this program is to collaborate, encourage and support orphans, vulnerable children who affected HIV/AIDS from the age of 4 to 16 have the opportunity to attend school regularly and safely.

– Our strategic plan of the organization is not to encourage orphans, poor children and vulnerable children to live in orphanages. Instead, the organization encourages and supports orphans, and vulnerable children living with parents, relatives or parents adopted in the community like others children. In particularly, our organization wants the community to take responsibility for raising the children themselves, to avoid relying on care centre.

Living in a child care centre may endanger social development and could be harmful to the physical, intellectual and psychological development of the child, as well as a lack of parental warmth. On the other hand, these children are alienated from the outside society and do not have full freedom.

– Present time, SCC has been working with orphans, vulnerable children who affected HIV/AIDS and high-risk families living in the communities of the target group.

Being an informal education agency, we have been working with the parents of those children to urge them aware and responsible for raising and caring their children by themselves, as well as having the responsibility to send the children to enroll state schools regularly, however it is a bridge for children to have a good future bright.

Beside of these, we work closely with local public school, authorities, teachers and principals to ensure that all vulnerable children receive a basic education, both in SCC’s free community schools and in state schools.

In addition, we are working with supporting many organizations that are active in these fields, including the Commune Committee for Women and Children, the District Women and Children Consultative Committees, and the Safety Village, Commune Committees. We strengthen the network between organizations -governmental and non-governmental to ensure that they have a good base for advocacy regarding free information access, improvement of children education, skillful parenting and child protection. We also work together to conduct public campaigns regarding children’s education such as the international Children’s Day.

Moreover, to make the education program above more successful, we work closely with the parents who affected HIV/AIDS, and to provide an opportunities the poorest, most vulnerable children, children’s beggars to get education SCC has established two community schools in the importance places:

1) Slum area in Boeung Kak, Phnom Penh City named CBE Boeng Kak School.

2) In front of Angkor Wat World Heritage, Siem Reap Province, named CBE Christian School.

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