Conducted parent meeting at Boengkak

During COVID-19 pandemic has decreased, SCC-CBE teachers and SCC-Monk Team Leader had been allowed to hold a meeting with parents / guardians to discuss on the following topics: raising children, hygiene and sanitation, and the importance of children’s education. The meeting was given the parents/caregivers an opportunity to express their ideas concerning above-mentioned topics. As […]

Provided nutritional support during COVID-19

SCC-CBE School provided nutritional support such as 15 kg. of rice and 10 canned fish to the 56 poorest of the poor SCC-CBE children’s families in Boengkak Slum Area, Phnom Penh city.​ This charitable donation donated by the partner organization PROtectKIDS Kambodscha, always generously donate rice and other eatable food to reduce the burden of […]