Volunteers are a part of the SCC family

Since a long time volunteers take an important part in our daily work. Wonderful people from all over the world and Cambodia are joining the SCC family. Some are just staying for a few weeks, others for a year and some are coming again and again since many years. The volunteers are helping us in the schools, in the office or are organizing fundraising in different countries. We have many cooperation with different organizations that send the volunteers to us, but some are also coming on their own. Without the amazing work of the volunteers Salvation Centre Cambodia wouldn’t be half as good as it is today.

Thanks to every single person that helped us during the last years or will help us in the future!


Why do we work with volunteers?

Volunteer programs are a great opportunity for both, the volunteers and us, the NGO. The volunteers that come to Salvation Centre Cambodia (SCC) will gain a lot of knowledge, skills and experience. They get a deeper inside into the Khmer culture, customs and traditions through working with our staff and our beneficiaries including children, adolescents and adults. Moreover, they learn the functions of a Non-Governmental Organization. To Salvation Centre Cambodia and especially our beneficiaries are the volunteers a great help. Experienced and trained volunteers strengthen and improve our sustainable humanitarian aid projects and help us with their knowledge to raise the life prospects of people living with HIV/AIDS, their family members, the homeless and the victims of natural disaster and famines. All other volunteers spread warmth, loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, friendly and confidence to the SCC staff and our beneficiaries and most of all to the children at SCC Children’s Basic Education Schools (SCC-CBE Schools). In addition, every visitor brings new ideas and intercultural exchange.

Do you want to be part of the SCC family?

If you want to spend some time with our organization. You are more than welcome to. A helpful hand is always needed. If you are interested, please contact us and we can figure out all the details together.

What our volunteers want to say

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