Reduce hunger by providing nutritional support during COVID-19 pandemic

On Wednesday, 21 July 2021, Salvation Centre Cambodia(SCC) provided emergency food to 51 poorest families and most vulnerable children who are facing food insecurity during Covid-19 crisis, located at Boengka Community, Srah Chak Commune, Daun Penh District, Phnom Penh. This time, as in previous times, the leaders of the SCC always remind the people who […]

Nutrition support to the poorest people in the situation of the Covid-19 surging

On Friday, 28 May 2021, Salvation Centre Cambodia(SCC) provided food to 103 poorest families and most vulnerable children who are facing food insecurity during Covid-19 crisis and have the honor participations of Mrs. Oen Sapharn, Deputy Sub-Commune Chief (Srah Chak) and Mrs. Nou Thavry, Deputy Governor of Daun Penh District. We organized in accordance the […]

 Conducted parent meeting at Boengkak

During COVID-19 pandemic has decreased, SCC-CBE teachers and SCC-Monk Team Leader had been allowed to hold a meeting with parents / guardians to discuss on the following topics: raising children, hygiene and sanitation, and the importance of children’s education. The meeting was given the parents/caregivers an opportunity to express their ideas concerning above-mentioned topics. As […]

Provided nutritional support during COVID-19

SCC-CBE School provided nutritional support such as 15 kg. of rice and 10 canned fish to the 56 poorest of the poor SCC-CBE children’s families in Boengkak Slum Area, Phnom Penh city.​ This charitable donation donated by the partner organization PROtectKIDS Kambodscha, always generously donate rice and other eatable food to reduce the burden of […]

The Situation of CBE Students’ Family

On the 7th of August 2020, SCC-CBE teachers conducted their home visits to our children’s homes. They met many children who stayed at home and played nearby their houses with their friends. However, some children could access their studies through an E-learning program provided by the national government through a specific broadcast on television (TV).  […]

Situation SCC-CBE School During COVID-19 Pandemic

As we know, SCC-CBE School at Boengkak slum area for the poorest children who have no ability to pay tuition in private schools. Currently, due to COVID 19 disease continued pandemic to the community. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport requires all schools in Cambodia must be closed for a while. Although the […]

Out Standing Student in CBE School

The English assistant teacher, Chea Sokpisey, 15 year-old, lives in Tuol Sangkae village, Tuol Sangkae commune, Russey Keo district, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She lives in the poor family. Her mother’s name is Long Chan Thida, 40 year-old. She is a housewife. Her father’s name is Nai Sok Chea, 43 year-old. He is a farmer. She […]

Computer Course in CBE-School

After the new Library was completed, we were able to move all the books from the Computer Lab. Previously, the Library and Computer Lab were in a combined space. The addition of the new Library allowed for a dedicated Computer Lab. The setup of this dedicated space would not have been possible without special donations […]

Conducted Home Visit to the Students

After we had a meeting and a long discussion with SCC Director and BMT, They decided not to open the school yet. We wait until everything safe and to be sure that COVID 19 is not spread up around or waiting the appropriate time they are going to inform the staff later. But during the […]