Out Standing Student in CBE School

The English assistant teacher, Chea Sokpisey, 15 year-old, lives in Tuol Sangkae village, Tuol Sangkae commune, Russey Keo district, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She lives in the poor family. Her mother’s name is Long Chan Thida, 40 year-old. She is a housewife. Her father’s name is Nai Sok Chea, 43 year-old. He is a farmer. She has 3 brothers and 1 younger sister. Being the eldest child in the family, she has done much work both inside and outside house to reduce her parents’ burden.

Sok pisey at the moment studies at secondary school, Toul Sovanaram, grade 9. She didn’t have a good chance to study at a good school like other children. But she has never given up her study and felt disappointed about this situation. She said, “I am strongly committed to my studies.” She added that poor living conditions are not the problems of my study now. Sok pisey has been studying English at SCC-CBE School for 6 years (in 2013 to at present). She was selected to be a youth group CBE teacher (part-time volunteer job for 3 years) since 2017 until now. She still continues her studies and she also works at SCC-CBE School in the morning shift and she goes to school in the afternoon shift to improve her knowledge.

Sokpisey leading children to play educational games outside classroom.

Regarding behavior and attitudes of an outstanding student, she always tries very hard to learn all subjects at school including self-study and peer learning. She has a clear schedule for learning and practicing lessons. At home, she usually wakes up in the early morning to read and review the lessons before going to school. In classroom, she takes note and concentrate on her teachers’ teaching. She also asks questions. While asking her questions, she is an open-minded and helpful student and she is kind to all everyone. These techniques have been made by her to remember her lessons. Moreover, she always jotted some important points of lessons down, too. She also has done group learning with her classmates without looking down on each other. Additionally, she has often joined in SCC-CBE School activities such as Happy Happy Program for kids, parents meeting, hygiene and sanitation and other activities.

Sokpisey teaching children in level 1 at CBE School

She is a good daughter in her family and also in her community. All these   qualifications made her to become an outstanding student and she is a good English assistant teacher at SCC-CBE School, too. Now she has improved her knowledge a lots through gaining new experiences from her jobs. She said that “I have reached this level because I haven’t given up.” Chea Sokpisey would like very much to share her own experiences to all students and friends on how to become an A+ student as follows:

  • Respect your teachers;
  • Do or complete all tasks which set up by your teachers;
  • Don’t look down on the lessons;
  • Don’t limit or look down on yourself;
  • Get your brain to concentrate on what you are doing in a moment; and
  • Diligently learning.
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