Happy Happy Program

The Happy Happy Program was conducted on 13th December 2019 by SCC’s staff members including the CBE teachers at the SCC-CBE School located in Phnom Penh. 63 children of which 29 were girls participated in this activity. In the program, the children played together, explored their skills and learned from each other. They were also able to build new relationships with one another and strengthen existing ones. During the program, the pupils were very happy together: They learned some new skills unconsciously, interacted with each other, shared knowledge, played educational games and enjoyed refreshments. It was a great opportunity to strengthen their relationships and grow together as a community. Through having fun, our children were encouraged and motivated to study at CBE School and state schools regularly. This activity promoted our SCC-CBE School and informed students and parents about their options and possibilities in the education offered, and encouraged more children to join the SCC-CBE School. Additionally, this program aimed to end stigma and discrimination against vulnerable children.

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