Conducted Home Visit to the Students

After we had a meeting and a long discussion with SCC Director and BMT, They decided not to open the school yet. We wait until everything safe and to be sure that COVID 19 is not spread up around or waiting the appropriate time they are going to inform the staff later. But during the state schools open, SCC suggested CBE Staffs to check and push the kids to be at state schools on time by following up few criteria below:

  1. The poorest families
  2. The poor families
  3. The normal families

We spent time in the last two weeks to visit students and their parents at home with three team separated and focused on the criteria such as bellow:

Team 1: Visit to the poorest family and meeting 19 students including 7 girls.

Team 2: Visit to the poor in medium family and meeting 20 students including 12 girls.

Team 3: Visit to the normal condition family and meeting 30 students including 22 girls.

As a result of monitoring and encouraging the families of children who are students of SCC-CBE Christine School, we met 69 students, 28 boys and 41girls.

The rest families, we followed up by phone call, all of them are looking forward to sending their kids to SCC-CBE Christine School whenever we are ready to open.

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