Strategic Plan

Core Values




4.Human Rights

5.Good Governance

6.Democracy and Rule of Law


A Cambodian society where, Cambodian people are healthy, well educated and live with dignity and prosperity.


SCC commits to develop appropriate capacity and sustainable community mechanisms that will improve health and livelihood of community members.

 Strategic Goal 2018-2023

Contribute to improve wellbeing, health status, household livelihood security and children’s rights to education of poorest families, PLHIV and their families, and vulnerable children and their families in Cambodia by the end of 2023.

Strategic Objectives

  1. The most at risk community members, PLHIV, and their partners have improved new case detection, accessed to proper health care services, and reduced HIV infection/transmission.
  2. Harmonising community to promote living standards of the most vulnerable families by enabling to increase their household food security and income.
  3. Improved the quality access to education of orphans and vulnerable children including children who are living with HIV/AIDS and they are protected from all forms of abuses.
  4. Strengthened SCC good governance system, policies to ensure justice to all staff and good practice for all, and capacity to mobilize resource.