Your money directly improves the lives of vulnerable families in need.

Sends a child to school for 2 months

The child will receive a school uniform, school material, regular food, space to play safely and freely and English and basic live skill classes.

Finances one welfare package

One person living with HIV/Aids will be supported with mental counseling, food, health supplies and other necessary materials to insure a healthier and dignified life.

Conducts one awareness session about child rights

Parents and care givers will be educated about child rights, child protection and skillful parenting.

Enables us to conduct one network meeting

Teachers, health staff, village chiefs, and police staff will meet to discuss and solve problems with special attention to children and women.

Funds agriculture material for one farmer

Vulnerable families affected by HIV/Aids receive better agriculture and composting  material and will be able to built themselves a better and sustainable life.

We are a non profit, non governmental organization and are therefor relying on donations. We are only able to do what we are doing because of our current donors. But we still have many ideas more and want to extent, develop and improve our projects. We are struggling under a lack of material, stuff and money due to a big budget cut. We already had to downsize and even worse to stop many projects. The sewing school and our own shop had to be closed in Battambang, the HIV/Aids prevention and care has been minimized, one CBE school in Siem Reap had to stop with proper English classes and both other schools are always in danger to be closed. We are an organization full of passion that does its utmost to achieve our goals and to follow our vision. We would be greatfull if you could support our wonderful projects by donating money or material or by sharing our organization and our vision to others.

Thank you!

How to donate

Every kind of donation is more than welcome. If you want you can also donate for one specific project. There are the following possibilities:

  • donate via global Giving
  • donate via bank transfer to  
    • Name: Salvation Centre Cambodia
    • Account Number: 0900-20-160302-1-2
    • ACLEDA Bank Plc.
  • Donate in person. If you are in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap or Battambang feel free to drop by. We would love to talk to you, answer all the questions you have and if possible show you a deeper inside into our work.