Health & HIV/Aids

Our goal until 2021 is to prevent people living at high risk to get HIV/Aids and to improve the treatment of the people that already got infected. We intent, that 90% of all people living with HIV/Aids in our program take regular medication by the end of 2021. Moreover we plan that 85% of the youths living in high risk areas change their attitude towards HIV until 2021.

The prevention of HIV and the caring for people living with HIV/ Aids is and has always been our most important task. The fight against HIV/Aids has been a major success in Cambodia: the number of new infections went down from 21,000 (1995) to less then 1,000 (2017). But still there are many people living with HIV/Aids that are not properly cared for. Furthermore the infection rate of entertainment/sex workers that have more than 7 clients a week is still as high as 14% and only 52,1% of people in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship use condoms. That may be caused by the insufficient attention paid by the communes. Additionally there has been a huge budget cut in the last 10 years, about 65% of all provincial based non-governmental organizations had to stop their work because they had no money.

To prevent the spreading of HIV/Aids we conduct and support many awareness sessions with about 2,400 people that are living at high risk of getting infected in Siem Reap, Battambang and Phnom Penh. Furthermore  we organize and motivate through financial and mental support blood testings and if necessary doctor visits to get the people tested on HIV/Aids. In that matter we are working with monks and other trusted people to conduct home visits and to spread information about HIV/Aids.

People living with HIV/Aids do often face a difficult life. They have to take medicine regularly, are often excluded from the society, cannot do any hard work and struggle under mental problems due to their missing future perspectives.

To improve the lives of these people and their family members, that often suffer under their relatives illness, we support them financially and mentally. We finance them regular doctor visits, keep track of their lives to insure that they get proper treatment, support them through regular home visits and mental counselling and try to integrate them into the society. Moreover we are donating food, health supplies and other material to 1,050 people living with HIV/Aids in great need to assure that they can live a dignified and healthy life. To prevent these people from malnutrition is even more important because of their unsteady health situation due to their HIV infection.

We also train our staff on HIV/Aids related matters to insure that they can work sufficiently and can spread their knowledge among other people that work in that field. To strengthen the communication between health and social workers, hospitals, communes and other institutions we conduct regular network meetings. During these meetings we are sharing our experience, try to solve upcoming problems and insure the appropriate treatment of people living with HIV/Aids.