COVID-19 Crisis Situation

Nowadays, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, our SCC-CBE Community School is closed and all the children are unable to go to school as usual. So our teachers are required to visit the children’s families who are living in the target areas. They go there to motivate and support the students with their studies and hardworking […]

Short Story’s Soe Rathana Student

Soe Rothana is 9 years old and goes to our SCC-CBE school in Phnom Penh. He and his three siblings cannot visit public school because their family cannot afford it. His father works in a hospital and his mother is a cleaner. Together they live in a house that costs 60$ each month, but they […]

Happy Happy Program

The Happy Happy Program was conducted on 13th December 2019 by SCC’s staff members including the CBE teachers at the SCC-CBE School located in Phnom Penh. 63 children of which 29 were girls participated in this activity. In the program, the children played together, explored their skills and learned from each other. They were also […]