The Situation of CBE Students’ Family

On the 7th of August 2020, SCC-CBE teachers conducted their home visits to our children’s homes. They met many children who stayed at home and played nearby their houses with their friends. However, some children could access their studies through an E-learning program provided by the national government through a specific broadcast on television (TV).  Others were able to access their learning via online teaching classes for the medium-rich and rich households. However, most our children live under poor living conditions, and missed their classes whether online teaching or television. Some families are very poor and more children have to support their families with their own income. What has happened to these families? During the COVID-19 pandemic, most parents continued working to earn an income for their family, but in most cases their incomes were less than before. The parents have no time to stay home and take care of their children or fully support their studies through the E-learning program provided by the national government. We might think that children want to learn alone, we are sure that, they don’t. What has happened to those children whose parents leave home to go outside and earn incomes? In these cases, we try to help our parents/caregivers as much as possible to arrange a schedule for their children to continue their lessons at home. The goal is that when the parent/caregivers came back from work they just have to spend a little time checking homework or their children’s tasks. Significantly, some parent/caregivers have taught their children at home as well. Now we would like to portray two of our student’s family current situation as follows:

The situations of SCC-CBE students’ family

Lim Him Hok Hanok, 5 years old, lives with his mother who is a widow. Currently, the COVID-19 outbreak, he has temporarily suspended his studies both at SCC-CBE School and state school. In this reporting period, his family has faced many difficulty situations relating to their living condition and daily family welfare support. His mother said that before the outbreak she  used to make a good income for her family selling  fried bananas but now it is really so hard. She can only earn around 3.75 USD per/day from selling the fried bananas. It is a small amount of money that is used to support their supplementary foods, her son’s studies, the expended in a house is higher like water, electricity fee and other needs at home.

SCC teacher supported money for curing Hok Hanok while got sick

Tho Sreyly, 5 years old, is an orphan. Her parents were drug users and both of them were in prison for five years. Now she lives with her grandma. As an old grandma who cannot find any other jobs, she decided to sell porridge (chicken, pork and fish rice porridge) on the sidewalk for earning money. She also has the high blood pressure (Hypertension). She has tried all her best to feed her granddaughter even though she is stuck in a poor living condition. She added that, despite of poor living conditions, I still struggle to raise my granddaughter, give her a chance in life and send her to school for getting an education like other children both at SCC-CBE School and state schools.

SCC teacher supported money for curing while she got sick


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