Conducted parent meeting at Boengkak

During COVID-19 pandemic has decreased, SCC-CBE teachers and SCC-Monk Team Leader had been allowed to hold a meeting with parents / guardians to discuss on the following topics: raising children, hygiene and sanitation, and the importance of children’s education. The meeting was given the parents/caregivers an opportunity to express their ideas concerning above-mentioned topics.

A Buddhist Monk speaking on parent’s meeting day in SCC-CBE on February 2021

As a result, most of the parent/caregivers knew the methods of taking care of their children and they have been striving to fulfill their duties feeding and sending their children to schools while school aged children. Through this effort, SCC-CBE teachers and Monk Team Leader have tried their best to strengthen their capacity relating to child protection and education. For instance,   in the parent meeting, parent/caregivers received knowledge on raising children, hygiene and sanitation, child protection, and the importance of children’s education. SCC monk had educated parent/caregivers the following five points of the righteous way for raising children as follows: 1) Raise children by giving them warmth, 2) Educating children to do good deeds, 3) Raise children not to do bad deeds, 4) Raise children by sending them to school, and 5) Help the children have a good future in their life.

As a result, the participants have committed to continue to support, encourage and motivate their children to attend school regularly. Furthermore, most of parent/caregivers wanted their children to get higher education at least to finish university. In the meantime, the participants also received knowledge on four types of children’s rights according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia as following: 1) the right to life survival, 2) the right to development, 3) the right to protection. This means that no child shall be discriminated against, and 4) the right to participate in activities and decisions which affect them.

Due to the good process of facilitating, all participants joined joyfully and listened carefully to the SCC Monk Core Trainer. They also made friends with each another, shared experience about the care of their children and realized the consequences of negligence of children. The parents bravely talked to the SCC-CBE School teachers about problems concerning of their children’s education and the meeting was ended successfully.

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