Adult education project

Mrs Yin Sokhom is 67 years old and a role model in her community. She lives in the Norea Commune in Battambang.

11 years ago she started to work in the Commune Committee for Women and Children. This committee is responsible for the empowerment of women and the education about child rights and child education. Furthermore they are observing the daily commune life and take action if needed to insure a good, stable and equal life for all inhabitants. When Mrs. Yin Sokhom started her job she barely knew what she should do and what her responsibilities were.

“when I first worked as the Commune Committee for Women and Children, I wasn’t sure about my roles or what I should do because I have never done this job before. I just did what the Commune Chief or the commune council asked me to do.”

Therefor she was not able to help were help was needed. In Cambodia the school drop out rate lies by 20% for children between 12 and 14 (2010), in 2013 22% of the women asked experienced violence from their male partner but most of them did not report it, because 67% of all women asked stated that they would tolerate violence from their husbands to maintain their families. Moreover there are not many possibilities to get help for the abused due to the barely functional judicial system.

But then Mrs. Yin Sokhom took part in a training about the major roles and responsibilities for the Commune Committee. This training was provided by SCC and the District and Children Consultation Committee. During that training session she and other participants were taught about how to do a budget plan, how to properly assist the commune chief, how to raise awareness about child and women protection laws, how to mobilize the commune regarding health; education; child protection and child development, how to empower women and how to conduct data collections.

Since that training Mrs. Yin Sokhom became more and more confident about her work and duties. She was so good in her position that she was chosen for the Commune Council in 2007. Mrs. Yin Sokhom mainly focuses on the observation and support of the health care and the social services. She monitors the income and the expenditures of that sector, assists in the school development and has become really good in explaining the parents why they should send their children to school.

“Both teachers and parents are responsible for educating and protecting the children”

Mrs. Yin Sokhoms story shows us how much great potential many people have – they just need the right education and support. Through her education the children and women in the village now have a brighter future. Mrs. Yin Sokhom is now a role model in her commune and a self confident and determined women with a goal:

“I am determined to continue to carry out my duties as best as I can to help the community and school to develop and progress. In particular I want to help to strengthen the communication between the schools, the community and the students’ parents so we can all work together to improve the quality of education for young people in Cambodia.”

To support the education of adults about their roles and responsibilities we will conduct 9 skillful parenting sessions and 28 meetings with professional staff and general people about child rights, child protection and gender equality in the next 3 years.

This particular training was funded by the Inter Church Cooperation Organization-Kerk in Atice (ICCO-KIA) in partnership with Salvation Centre Cambodia.


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