What we do

We are a Cambodian non-governmental organization that focuses on sustainable care for people living with HIV/Aids, their family members and other vulnerable families. We have 3 major goals for the next 3 years. We want to insure good treatment for people with HIV/Aids and prevent people that are living at risk from getting infected. Furthermore we plan to secure the food and income situation of People living with HIV/Aids. Finally we want to care for a good and equal education for children living with and effected by HIV/Aids and poverty. We work in 3 provinces: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Battambang, in 9 districts, in 45 communes, in 306 villages and directly with about 1,800 people of whom 1,100 are living with HIV/Aids. Indirectly we are having an impact on 370,000 people. We approach all our projects with the idea of building a sustainable, trusted network that can develop without any help from outside. With this aim in the back of our heads we do our best to continue these 4 programs (for more information please click on the specific program):

In the past we worked closely with 810 people living with HIV/Aids and insured in cooperation with health institutions medical, financial, emotional, educational and social support. Moreover we conducted several income generating training sessions and self help groups in the communes to empower the community and to insure a stable life for the people living with HIV/Aids. Another big part of our work are our 3 CBE-Schools, located in Siem Reap and in Phnom Penh. We want to insure that also the children effected by HIV/Aids have the opportunity to attend school, this improves their live quality and their chances for a better future a lot. Sadly we are struggling under big budget cuts in that area for the last few years. Besides that we conducted many awareness sessions about child raising and child rights in cooperation with teachers and communes. Finally we also steadily improved our own organization structure, we even got a CSO certification in 2014 for good governance and we built a big network between NGOs and governmental institutions in the last years.