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A pleasant time with SCC

I hope that the children will remember some words of English that I taught them.

I will never forget them.


Name: Anne Borlon  

Date of report: 26th November 2013

Duration of voluntary service: 1 month 

Position/function: Teacher

Work place at SCC: CBE Boeng Kok, Phnom Penh


 Activities during her volunteering:

- English teaching to each of the classes (young & older children), playing with them some “educational” games during the break times

I’ve tried to teach the youngest ones days of the week, “please show/ give me ...” , the body, the letters A to Z, “my favorite job is... “. I’ve tried to teach the oldest ones: comparatives, means of transport, educational games, greetings, feelings, my profile.

We have also taken pictures, given a part of them to the children and the rest, we glued them on a poster and put it in the classroom.


I am very pleased to have come to SCC! The children, the teacher, the ambiance were very good. I hope that the children will remember some words of English that I taught them. I will never forget them.

The children are wonderful: kind, gentle, polite, well educated. I had really good contact to them! They seem to be very happy to come to school every day. SCC is a very good place for them. They are lucky to have such a place to go when they don’t have school.

The thing that seems to be very important is to know the children's educational and English level as well as the teaching program in advance. I would have liked to know that before coming to Cambodia in order to prepare some lessons/ material in advance. When I arrived the first day, I had to find the level of English of nearly each child in order to adapt my methodology. This was one of my biggest challenges, as well as keeping the children concentrated during 1-hour-lessons, mainly the youngest ones. They often wanted to play games. We also need to have a lot of patience to teach them, which was also another challenge! In my opinion it would be helpful for them to listen to some songs/ cartoons or to have more discussions in English. Anyway, they all want to learn or to improve their English (for the oldest ones) so it is very rewarding! 

I would like to say “Thank you very much SCC”. I spend a great time with your children and you take really care of them!