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An incredible experience

 Seeing how happy and engaged the children were during my lesson was most rewarding!


Name: Charlotte Firth  

Date of report: 3rd December 2013

Duration of voluntary service: 2 months 

Position/function: Teacher

Work place at SCC: CBE Samrong Meanchey, Phnom Penh

 Activities during her volunteering:

Teaching English to all of the children, singing songs and playing games; engaging with the children at break time


I was told exactly how many children I would have and what I would be doing. The volunteer program completely fulfilled my expectations, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. All of the staff and students are lovely and very welcoming.

We were given flashcards and books to help with the teaching. Managing to teach so much in a short time has been a huge achievement. The older children can now hold a conversation. The younger kids can also write very well! Seeing how happy and engaged the children were during my lesson was most rewarding. A few problems occurred with the language when disciplining the children but the staff were always there to help. At first it was hard to plan lessons as we didn’t know the children’s ability.

But all in all it has been incredible. Thank you so much for having me!