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Experience of living and working


Praying in the Pagoda

My overall experience of living and working in Cambodia has been

very positive and attractive. 


Name: Sina Brod 

Date of report:  24th July 2011

Duration of voluntary service: 1 year

Position/function: HR & Media Advisor

Work place at SCC: head office, Phnom Penh



A pleasant time with SCC

I hope that the children will remember some words of English that I taught them.

I will never forget them.


Name: Anne Borlon  

Date of report: 26th November 2013

Duration of voluntary service: 1 month 

Position/function: Teacher

Work place at SCC: CBE Boeng Kok, Phnom Penh



An incredible experience

 Seeing how happy and engaged the children were during my lesson was most rewarding!


Name: Charlotte Firth  

Date of report: 3rd December 2013

Duration of voluntary service: 2 months 

Position/function: Teacher

Work place at SCC: CBE Samrong Meanchey, Phnom Penh