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A new perspective for the future

Van Chay Sreynich is 19 years old and lives in the Sdeyloeu Village of Battambang Province. Having one older brother, she is the youngest daughter in her family.

Sreynich abandoned High School during her 10th grade in 2012 because her family became impoverished. After quitting studying, she wanted to earn money to help her family, but did not find a job due to her lack of professional skills.

was nearly desperate, but my close friend Hov Dalin told me about the newly opened vocational centre of SCC. I decided at least to have a look at it!

When she came to visit Wat Norea, she experienced the program which taught the young girls about sewing skills. She was very excited and wanted to join the other women, so she asked SCC staff for their permission to attend that program.

At this point Sreynich became a new participant in the sewing and tailoring program at the SCC - Face2Face Community Centre. Her infectious smile and laugh dissemble her family's tragic story, which happened when she was just nine years old.

Her father Kol Bunty and her Mother Vy Savait got divorced at that time. Soon after, her father married a new wife and moved to another district while her mother married a new husband and moved to another village within the same commune. Neither of them ever cared nor looked after her at all, “in fact they enforced me and my brother to live with our grandmother” Sreynich stated.

Before joining this sewing training, my life was so difficult because every day I became desperate about how I could get the money for learning sewing. I am very poor, but now I am very happy, because I get the chance to learn how to sew at this Community Centre. I want to gain enough professional skills to earn money on my own, so I can support my mother!

Sreynich wishes to open a sewing business for selling clothes if she will have the ability to do some day. Sreynich would like to express her sincere thanks and gratefulness to all the individual donors and SCC related donating organizations that have helped her in getting a new perspective for her future.