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I am happy to live with dignity and hope

Mrs. Yin Phalla is a 52 years old HIV positive woman who lives in a small village with the name Kompongsambour.

She began to study sewing in SCC’s program one year ago. After finishing the 12 month course, she decided to use her skill for earning income in her community. She sewed clothes professionally and sold them to the people in her village successfully. 


am thankful to SCC for giving me this opportunity!

Now she has a daily income from sewing and tailoring.  She can earn 3.25 dollars per day while her family’s expenditures are 2.50 dollars every day. Thus she can save more than 270 dollars in one year which is a big help for her family.  In the future she wants to open a shop at the local market of her community to sell her clothes to a larger number of customers. 


Before I joined SCC’s sewing program, my family faced discrimination by community members, but now everybody respects and encourages us. Finally I am very, very happy to live with dignity and hope!