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From a student to a teacher

Theary is teaching the Battambang CBE Kindergarten CLass


t first sight Theary from Battambang seems to be a carefree and happy girl, who wants to make other people laughing at any costs. But behind this laughing face there is a story hided signifying through continual work.

Theary is acting Battambang during the Youth Group Plus ProgrammHer story began in the Norea Village, where she was born 19 years ago into a poor family as the second of four children. 

The time passed by and with the entrance into the secondary school Theary defected to the Battambang Youth Group Plus, which enables to learn further skills, happy togetherness and of course meeting friends. From an early age she was helping her family doing housework - at the age of 6 she was able to cook rice – because her parents need their own time to make enough money to survive. Moreover she baked cakes for the business of her aunt to get some little money and when her mother became seriously ill, she moved temporally to her grandmother cooking and cleaning for her.Proudly Theary told me that her grandmother, who is working for SCC, enabled that she could went to the school at the SCC – Face2Face Community Centre, where she was one of the first students.

Theary tried her best in school to graduate from high school, while she always worked beside school, but she failed. However she showed straight, tried again and passed, without learning a lot, as she pointed out, laughing.

To straighten her after her first try SCC built up a new workplace for her in the school of SCC, so that she teaches the Battambang Children Basic Education, Morning Kindergarten Class henceforth as volunteer and is able to step closer to her dream of being a teacher.

Theary in the Battambang Sewing Class

 I like to teach, because the students make me laugh!

 To support her furthermore, especially mental, SCC gives her the opportunity to participate the Battambang Sewing Program at the SCC – Face2Face Community Centre during the afternoon, a vocational training, because she loves to design clothes.

In conclusion she is still hard  working to support her family; however SCC made her life more bright.

SCC helped me in some situations and having a job.

 At least Theary wants to thank all the individual donors and SCC related donating organizations very much, especially for enable a job for her.