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A change in my life


Meas Rotha, who lives in Preakmahatep Village of Battambang Province, is 21 years old.

In 2004 Rotha dropped out Primary School in 5th grade because her family impoverished. From day to day she didn't have enough food to eat, which made her give up on school.

I wanted to earn money for my family, SCC offered me an opportunity to support them!

Due to lack of necessary skills to find a job, she asked someone to train her in Samangka (make up), but nothing changed and she stayed unemployed. Then she heard on the radio about SCC choosing girls to learn in Sewing Vocational Training Centre.

 After visiting Wat Norea and taking a look at the program, Rotha was very happy and motivated to get trained in sewing. Her wish was to become a tailor someday, so she asked to attend the program.

That is how Rotha joined the sewing and tailoring program as a new participant at SCC-F2F Community Centre. Thinking about her story and the situation of her family saddens her. Even though she tries to hide this unhappiness by smiling, it is still hard for her to talk about all this in more detail.

While from Monday to Friday she stays at SCC’s Centre, she works outside on Sunday and Saturday for getting income. By sewing and tailoring, she can earn 2.25 dollars per garment. 


Before joining this sewing training, my life was so difficult. I became so desperate, because I could not get any money. Even though I am very poor, getting the chance to learn how to sew at this Community Centre changes my life. I want to gain enough professional skills to earn money on my own, so I can support my family and myself.


 Someday, when Rotha improved her sewing skills furthermore, she would like to start her own business. Rotha would like to express her sincere thanks and gratefulness to all the individual donors and SCC related donating organizations that have helped her in getting a new perspective for her future.