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From a student to a teacher

Theary is teaching the Battambang CBE Kindergarten CLass


t first sight Theary from Battambang seems to be a carefree and happy girl, who wants to make other people laughing at any costs. But behind this laughing face there is a story hided signifying through continual work.


How does a widow living with AIDS improve her life?

Mrs. Chi Chamnan is a 42-year-old widow, living with AIDS. Prior to that, her husband was seriously ill and all her small assets were sold to cover his medical treatment. Unfortunately, he died in 1998 and left her behind with one daughter, one year later their daughter died too. Since then, living conditions of her family became deteriorated without profitable business and sufficient food to survive. She left her home to live and work in Poy Pet district and Banteaymean chey province.


A change in my life


Meas Rotha, who lives in Preakmahatep Village of Battambang Province, is 21 years old.

In 2004 Rotha dropped out Primary School in 5th grade because her family impoverished. From day to day she didn't have enough food to eat, which made her give up on school.

I wanted to earn money for my family, SCC offered me an opportunity to support them!


I am happy to live with dignity and hope

Mrs. Yin Phalla is a 52 years old HIV positive woman who lives in a small village with the name Kompongsambour.

She began to study sewing in SCC’s program one year ago. After finishing the 12 month course, she decided to use her skill for earning income in her community. She sewed clothes professionally and sold them to the people in her village successfully. 


A new perspective for the future

Van Chay Sreynich is 19 years old and lives in the Sdeyloeu Village of Battambang Province. Having one older brother, she is the youngest daughter in her family.

Sreynich abandoned High School during her 10th grade in 2012 because her family became impoverished. After quitting studying, she wanted to earn money to help her family, but did not find a job due to her lack of professional skills.

was nearly desperate, but my close friend Hov Dalin told me about the newly opened vocational centre of SCC. I decided at least to have a look at it!