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$15 send a child to school!

Hundreds of Cambodian children are $15 away from one year of school education.
You can help them easily!
  • If you spend 8 USD, you secure daily food for one student at a SCC school for one month.

school material providing

  • Spend 15 USD and you support one student at a SCC school to purchase school uniform and material for one year.
  • With 20 USD you can provide school uniform and school material for a secondary school student at a SCC school for one year.
  • And if you support us to purchase a sewing machine for about 150-200 USD, you provide one of the poorest girls or one HIV-infected woman an opportunity to work and therefore to generate income for her family.
  • Spend 250-300 USD for an adult to attend vocational skill training in order to improve their capacity and to enable them a brighter future.


How to donate?

Supporting SCC is easy and takes only a few minutes! 

1. Donate via bank transfer to:

    Name: Salvation Centre Cambodia
    Account Number: 0900-20-160302-1-2
    ACLEDA Bank Plc.

2. Donate in person If you're in Phnom Penh, Battambang, or Siem Reap feel free to drop by the SCC office. If you      have time, we would love to talk to you, answer your questions and give you a deeper insight into our work. We can  for instance easily manage to show you our community schools. Find our offices and contact us.

3. Donate to our Sewing Program in Battambang via GlobalGiving.      Give Now