Nutrition support to the poorest people in the situation of the Covid-19 surging

On Friday, 28 May 2021, Salvation Centre Cambodia(SCC) provided food to 103 poorest families and most vulnerable children who are facing food insecurity during Covid-19 crisis and have the honor participations of Mrs. Oen Sapharn, Deputy Sub-Commune Chief (Srah Chak) and Mrs. Nou Thavry, Deputy Governor of Daun Penh District. We organized in accordance the guidelines of Cambodia Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of Covid-19, so our team set different shifts and times for them to come and receive nutrition support at the SCC-CBE school, only 10 families per shift are allow and cannot come together in a crowd. Moreover, with the utmost caution before entering the campus by checking temperature, spraying disinfection alcohol, and wearing a mask consistently. In that too each family received Rice 40 Kilogram, 6 bottles of soy sauce, 4 pieces of hand soap, 1 liter of disinfection alcohol, 1 box of mask and 1 bottle for spraying alcohol.

These charitable supported by Protectkids Kambodscha in Germany.

After receiving the donated, most of them excited and the amount of supported even though little or much more no matter it is uncountable precious to those who’s the poorest, they are raised 10 fingers would like to express their deep gratitude for this gift and thank SCC. Especially PROtectKIDS kambodscha who always kind and generous assistance to help the poorest families with their loving-kindness and compassion.

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