Khmer new year

In Cambodia we celebrate Khmer New year in the middle of April. This year we celebrated from the 14th until the 16th of April 2019 the beginning of the year of the pig. During that time most schools and shops close and new year is celebrated – everyone with their own traditions. Some people travel to their home towns, some go to party on the streets.

We also had our own parties in the offices and schools. In the SCC-CBE school in Siem Reap all students and teachers gathered on Thursday before Khmer New Year. Together we played many fun games, sang songs and danced. After a thrilling sack race, we played a few fun rounds of Lbeng Veayokaam (A game, in which children with covered eyes have to hit a clay pot with a stick. If they manage to break it, money is falling out). Then we awarded the best students of the last term with some gifts and a certificate. Finally, we all ate a big portion of delicious Khmer-Curry. With all the colorful decoration, the good vibes, the fun games and the delicious food it turned out to be an amazing day.

These kinds of parties are happening in every school, in every office and in every organization all over the country. We try to bring the kids together to celebrate an important part of the Khmer Culture and to give them a day of pure happiness – see for yourself:

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